Services that WOULD be affected: - The Internal Revenue Service would suspend processing paper tax returns, but would still handle electronic returns. Its tax hotline would be turned off and tax audits would be suspended.IRSThe FHA, which guarantees about 30 percent of home mortgages, would stop guaranteeing loans. The White House says the issuance of government-backed loans to small businesses would be suspended.Federal Housing AdministrationNational parks would be closed.National Park ServiceThe Environmental Protection Agency would cease issuing permitsand stop reviewing environmental impact statements which will slowapproval of projects. Environmental Protection AgencyU.S. military personnel would not get paid beyond Friday. However, they will continue to earn money that would be paid once the government resumes business. Department of Defense websitesPassport offices will be closed.U.S. State DepartmentStaffing across the executive branch will be cut significantly, including workers at the White House and civilian employees at the Defense Department. The White House says about 800,000 workers will be affected. The White HouseAt the National Institutes of Health, groundbreaking medicalresearch would experience a disruption. Patients already beingtreated at the facility in Bethesda, Md., would still get care, but new patients won't be admitted. No new studies of drugs or other treatments would begin.National Institutes of HealthFederal courts will not hear cases as employees such asclerks, stenographers, bailiffs and security guards will not beat work.United States CourtsMost government websites won't be updated, unless the websites and information was considered to be essential.Services NOT affected:Under long-standing federal rules, agencies would not beaffected that provide for U.S. national security, dispense mosttypes of federal benefit payments, offer inpatient medical care oroutpatient emergency care, ensure the safe use of food and drugs,manage air traffic, protect and monitor borders and coastlines,guard prisoners, conduct criminal investigations and lawenforcement, oversee power distribution and oversee banks.Social Security and Medicare beneficiaries will still continue to receive benefits. Payments to doctors, hospitals and other service providers could bedelayed, however, should a shutdown continue for several months.Social Security AdministrationMedicareMail will still be delivered.U.S. Postal ServiceCompiled with AP wire services