WESTBURY - Some Westbury students had a chance today to test their strength and see if they're tough enough to be Navy SEALs. A SEAL recruiting team visited Westbury High School to put the students through the Navy SEAL Challenge, a physical screening test that is given to Navy recruits who are trying to qualify for the most arduous military training in the world. "We want to talk to them about mental toughness as well," says Chief Eddie Lugo, a SEAL scout. "It's easy to prepare, it's easy to train, but that will only take you so far." The test began with a 500-yard swim in under 12.5 minutes, followed by push-ups and 50 sit-ups in two minutes. The students then moved on to pull-ups and a mile-and-a-half timed run."We are looking for the guys who can do 100 push-ups, 100 sit-ups, 25 pull-ups and a mile-and-a- half run in under nine minutes," says Senior Chief Walfredo Giovanatty. Of the 32 students and four teachers who attempted the test today, only one passed.Trainees who successfully pass the screening test get to spend six arduous months in the Basic Underwater Demolition School.