FLOWER HILL - A Westbury businessman has filed a federal civil rights complaint against Nassau County, the Nassau County Police Department and the Nassau County District Attorney's Office over a 2011 road rage incident that landed him in handcuffs.

Roy Tuccillo claims he was falsely arrested and prosecuted after a scuffle with another driver, and he claims it was all because the driver called in a personal favor to Nassau's chief of detectives.

Tucillo says he got into a traffic dispute with Richard Tobin at the intersection of Northern Boulevard and Middle Neck Road in June 2011. He says Tobin tried to get around him and make an illegal right turn on a red light, and then tried to run him over in a nearby parking lot.

But Tobin wasn't arrested; instead, Tuccillo was. He says it’s because Tobin is the personal mechanic of Nassau Chief of Detectives John Capace.

The charges against him were dropped nearly two years after his arrest, but Tuccillo says the ordeal has tarnished his reputation.

Tucillo and his attorney have filed a multimillion-dollar lawsuit that alleges abuse of power, corruption and false arrest. "I think I was treated very, very poorly and I think people need to know," Tuccillo said.

The Nassau County District Attorney's Office and Police Department would not comment on the allegations. The other driver, Richard Tobin, could not be reached for comment.