NORTH BABYLON - A pair of rookie reporters from West Islip got in over their heads when they worked on a piece about poor school security.

Student journalists Paula Pecorella and Nicholas Krauss, both students at West Islip High School with journalism awards under their belts, were trying to write a story for the school paper about what they perceived to be poor security technology and procedures at their school.

The gumshoe go-getters set out to prove their point, and they succeeded in entering West Islip High School. Next, they decided to try another nearby school, this time in North Babylon.

Security guards at the second school shooed them away, but they persisted and gained access to the building. But security caught up to them, and before long they were handcuffed and booked for trespassing by Suffolk police.

"I committed a crime, but I didn't consider myself to be committing a crime because I didn't have any criminal intent upon entering the school," says Krauss.

In the end, the charges were scrapped, but so was their story. Instead, they were the subjects of a story in the New York Times that was published on Friday.

News 12 Long Island reached out to both high schools for comment. A spokesperson for North Babylon High School says protocol was followed and the matter was turned over to police.