WEST BABYLON - A West Babylon man says he has to duck for cover when he walks out his front door. Joseph Romano says golf balls are raining down on his home and others near the Bergen Point Golf Course in West Babylon. Last year, he says a golf ball crashed through his window during his daughter's birthday party. Now, Romano is so concerned for her safety that he makes her wear a helmet whenever she plays outside. Romano says he has written numerous letters to the county suggesting ways to fix the problem, but nothing has been done. Golfers told News 12 Long Island that they'd still play the course if changes were made to it, especially in the name of safety. "Obviously, there's a problem," golfer Kevin Feldman, of Valley Stream, says. "Either put up a bigger net or if they have to, shorten the hole. You can't endanger the people, you don't want to damage their property."