ISLIP - A proposal to build a Wendy’s restaurant on Main Street in Islip brought residents to town hall Thursday night for a public hearing.

Residents say the restaurant will cause a traffic and noise problem in the area. They are also concerned about students crossing the busy road from a neighboring middle school.

Developer Jim Nazzaro told News 12 that they have made some big changes to the proposal since it was denied by the town board last year. He says they are planning to put up an 8-foot high fence and tall shrubs around the property. As far as the traffic, he says they have already submitted a traffic study to the town and both sides agree that the new restaurant will not make the busy road even worse.

"There will not be a substantial change because a lot of the people are already on the road,” said Nazzaro. “It isn't that you are bringing people to this destination specifically.”

Nazzaro says they are asking the Planning Board for a change of zone and a special permit to build the new Wendy's.