WOODBURY - Police are warning homeowners about a string of “deception burglaries” in Nassau County.

They say two men have been disguising themselves as National Grid workers to get inside homes and then steal cash and jewels.

A Westbury man, who asked not to be identified, spoke to News 12 after his home was burglarized on Friday. He says two men knocked on his door and said that they sent him a notice about a contamination of his water supply.

“He went through this whole song and dance, and said someone in [my] neighborhood has already drank some of the tap water and they are in the hospital,” the victim said.

After letting the men inside, the victim was brought to his basement to inspect his pipes. The other suspect distracted his elderly mother and her home health aide. He then ransacked the home.

Police say two other homes were burglarized in the same way, one in Herricks an hour earlier and another in Syosset.

Police say one of the suspects was wearing a fake ID tag in one of the burglaries.

If there are ever any doubts about a person’s identity, detectives say homeowners can call 911 or National Grid. They say not to let anyone inside a home until they are verified.