MINEOLA - Wage freezes for 6,000 Nassau County employees went into effect today, and more givebacks are being demanded by the county in the fall. Mildred Carella has been a county worker for six years. She's a divorced mother of two children and worries about how to make ends meet. "Most of the people who are our members are not high earners," she says. "They're just average working people going to work and making their salary." County Executive Ed Mangano (R-Nassau) claims freezing wages will save more than $10 million in the budget and prevent a 21-percent increase in county taxes. CSEA President Jerry Laricchiuta says his union members have already given back wage increases. Instead, Laricchiuta is proposing a new plan he says will prevent Nassau from laying off hundreds of employees.Mangano's office and state watchdog group NIFA say they're also studying a state court of appeals ruling allowing Buffalo, which also has a budget deficit, to not only freeze wages like Nassau, but halt step increases and any accrued benefits.