WEST BABYLON - ? The owner of a West Babylon pizzeria is facing drug charges for allegedly selling prescription painkillers out of his restaurant. Police say Francesco Miceli, owner of Miceli Brothers Pizzeria, sold oxycodone pills right along with his pies and pasta. Investigators say Miceli sold illegal pills to undercover officers on seven different occasions, and his arrest comes after a three-month investigation.Investigators say they found out about Miceli's drug dealing by word-of-mouth. Neighboring business owners tell News 12 Long Island that they're not shocked by his arrest, saying it was no secret.At the pizzeria today, Miceli's son, Matthew Miceli, defended his father but refused to comment on the case. Miceli was arrested last night at his restaurant, where police say they discovered more than 100 pills. He was arraigned this afternoon and bail was set at $40,000.Miceli's lawyer maintains his client's innocence and notes that he was never previously arrested.