ALBANY - Grieving parents, anti-drug advocates, ex-addicts and concerned pharmacists who trekked to Albany today hoping for a vote on a bill to keep tabs on prescription drugs were left disappointed. There was no vote held in the state Legislature today on the I-Stop bill, which would create a real-time, online database to track prescriptions of certain medications.Legislative leaders have not let the bill come up for a vote yet. They have been in talks with Gov. Andrew Cuomo, who is trying to work out a compromise bill that addresses objections from doctors and pharmacists. Many in the medical community argue they shouldn't be responsible for policing their patients.The governor says he's cautiously optimistic that the bill will pass, but stresses that the issue is not so clear-cut. He says that not done properly, the law could meddle with a person's right to a timely prescription or with privacy laws.Grand jury report reveals scope of LI painkiller epidemicUsers vs. abusers: Painkiller bill could hurt those in needAddicted on LI: Stalemate on pain pill database could cost lives