CENTERPORT - Dozens of veterans and their families got to spend a day on the water Saturday courtesy of some volunteers.

The Duclay family wanted to share their love of sailing with others, so they created the Sail Ahead Organization. Saturday marked their first big event, which was called "Let's Take a Veteran Sailing."

Nearly 100 veterans and their families gathered at the Centerport Yacht Club, where they were taken onto sailboats to enjoy a day on the water. More than 30 boats participated, and more than 100 people volunteered their time to help make the event a success.

Kilian Duclay, 18, and his 16-year-old brother Sean say they've always loved sailing, and they wanted to share the experience with others. "Some of them are suffering from PTSD," says Kilian Duclay. "We figured since sailing is so therapeutic to us, it will be therapeutic to them as well."

After the boat outing, a barbecue was held for the veterans and their families.