WYANDANCH - A group of volunteers has set out on a mission to feed hungry animals in Suffolk County, and they're taking their efforts door-to-door.

Volunteers from Almost Home Animal Rescue and Unchained New York are out to improve the lives of dogs that are neglected or left chained up outside.

The volunteers bring food, treats, water and even straw for the dogs' doghouses. They visit about 130 dogs per month that are chained up in low-income communities.

The volunteers say they ask for the dog owners' permission before approaching the property. Most families are happy for the help, but others are less than pleased.

"Some of them, we've been kicked off property, yelled and screamed at," says one volunteer. "But for the most part, the families are very grateful."

Still, the animal lovers say that their help can only go so far. They're trying to get Suffolk County to change its "anti-tethering" law to be more specific, so that it limits the amount of time a dog can be left chained up.

The animal rescue nonprofit groups say they are prepared to hold a demonstration on Friday to call for changes to the law.