JERUSALEM - (AP) -- Violence is ramping up in the West Bank after three kidnapped Israeli teens were found dead.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu blames Hamas for the murders and has vowed revenge.

Early this morning, Israel's military launched more than 40 airstrikes across the Hamas-controlled Gaza Strip. The military is striking back after three Israeli teens were found dead, two weeks after being kidnapped.

Israeli forces have already destroyed the homes of two men who they say are well-known Hamas operatives and were allegedly behind the murders.

Officials say the teens were found shot to death under a pile of rocks. One of them, 16-year-old Naftali Fraenkel, had dual Israeli-US citizenship with ties to Brooklyn. The three disappeared from a Jewish settlement in the West Bank.

Mourners gathered in front of the Israeli consulate in Manhattan last night, paying tribute to the teens.

Netanyahu says Hamas is a terrorist group that will continue to kill and that they will now pay for it. Israel arrested 400 Hamas operatives throughout the territory while searching for the teens.

Hamas is denying they had any involvement with the kidnappings, and warns if Netanyahu brings a war on Gaza, "the gates of hell will open to him."