EAST HILLS - The village of East Hills wants to sue the FAA over airplane noise that it says has plagued the area for decades.

Village Mayor Michael Koblenz recently sent letters to local officials, including Nassau County Executive Ed Mangano, asking they join together to file a lawsuit against the FAA to "end the intolerable conditions being experienced by residents."

Residents say low-flying aircraft soar over the area all hours of the night due to air patterns in and out of John F. Kennedy International Airport.

They say the worst times are over the weekends and throughout the summer months when planes are constantly flying by.

Some residents say that they are afraid for their safety.

"It's scary. It looks like I can touch it out of the skylight in my bedroom," says Marion Gold. "Also, it's disturbing with noise, and God knows what emissions are coming out of the planes that are that low."

A spokesperson for Mangano said in a statement, "The County Attorney is reviewing the village's letter, and we encourage the FAA to meet with the mayor."

The FAA did not respond directly to the possibility of a lawsuit. It has said in the past that “aircraft and airport noise are complex subjects matters that are still the focus of many research efforts."