HEMPSTEAD - The mayor of the Village of Hempstead is being slapped with a multimillion-dollar sexual harassment lawsuit by the village justice, but he says the allegations are politically motivated.The justice, Tanya Hobson-Williams, claims she was harassed back in 2010. Mayor Wayne Hall maintains that she made up the story to retaliate for a letter he wrote to the Office of Judicial Conduct about her own conduct. Hall says his letter described incidents of misconduct while Hobson-Williams was on the bench, and he adds that he recently told her she would not be asked to be on the 2013 ticket. Hall says she's seeking revenge and trying to make it difficult for him to run for office. Hall held a news conference outside of his office today to deny any allegations of sexual misconduct. He also called on Hobson-Williams to resign and says that her suing the village represents a conflict of interest.