FARMINGDALE - This Valentine's Day may be especially sweet for some couples that were left without wedding albums because of a photographer.

As News 12 Long Island has reported, Suffolk photographer Gary Leli has been accused of failing to deliver wedding photos and videos to customers who paid for them.

Howard Schneider saw the reports and recognized Leli's name. Scheider, who owns Leather Craftsmen, Inc., says the photographer hired his company to make some wedding albums for his clients, which have never been picked up.

Schneider says he repeatedly tried to call Leli and left him dozens of messages about the albums, but to no avail. Schneider adds that he has no contact information for the couples since they were the photographer's clients.

According to Schneider, he never got paid by Leli and has given up trying, but he wants to give the albums to their rightful owners.

"There's some bride that's going through her life married and not having pictures to look back on," he says.

Howard Schneider, Leather Craftsmen, Inc.: 800-275-2463/631-752-9000