BATH, Maine - A crowd of 3,000 gathered in Bath, Maine yesterday for the christening of the USS Michael Murphy, honoring a fallen Navy SEAL from Patchogue.On June 28, 2005, Lt. Michael Murphy made the ultimate sacrifice while saving his friends from the enemy on a battlefield in Afghanistan.Murphy's mother, Maureen, christened the Navy's newest warship bearing her son's name on what would've been his 35th birthday.Murphy was leading a team of four Navy SEALs on a reconnaissance mission when they were ambushed. Though wounded, Murphy ran into the line of fire to call for help. He died in the firefight, along with two fellow SEALs and 16 U.S. soldiers who came to their rescue."Michael's legacy in special warfare looms large for all who serve," says Chief of Navy Operations Admiral Gary Roughead.While the Navy destroyer bears Murphy's name, his parents insisted that all the men killed that day be remembered. Their initials were engraved on the ship's keel and their personal mementos were sealed in the mast."It's a floating monument to not only Michael, but the courage of 19 other fine warriors," says Murphy's father, Daniel. The USS Michael Murphy carries the motto "Lead the Fight," which was chosen by the crew.