WOODBURY - Elections that took place in upstate New York could affect the balance of power in Albany, ultimately costing Long Island some political clout. State Sen. Dean Skelos is at the center of a political storm. Two Republican state senators from upstate lost on Election Day, and a third is trailing, pending the outcome of absentee ballots. If the GOP loses that third seat, the Democrats would regain control of the Senate, and Skelos could lose his post of Senate majority leader. If Democrats outnumber Republicans in January, Skelos says he believes he could still get the support of four Democrats who have formed a group that has been siding with the Republicans. The power struggle could have a big impact on Long Island, which is involved in a continuous tug-of-war with the city over where state tax dollars will be spent. Ironically, Republicans may have an ally in Gov. Andrew Cuomo, a Democrat. Cuomo has worked well with Skelos and other Republicans on issues like the property tax cap. Albany insiders say it's possible Cuomo would work quietly behind the scenes to keep Skelos in power. Absentee ballots in the state Senate race in the Albany area won't be tabulated for several weeks. Whichever party wins will likely have a 32-31 edge in the Senate.Island Vote Results