WOODBURY - An unlicensed contractor is accused of stealing hundreds of thousands of dollars from elderly, unsuspecting clients.

Prosecutors say 26-year-old Robert Cohan approached a 73-year-old woman on Brower Avenue in Woodmere last July, offering to fix her damaged driveway and complete some other home repairs for $78,000. Authorities say the woman agreed and gave Cohan $67,000. But prosecutors say Cohan never touched the driveway.

Authorities say Cohan didn't have a contractor's license and gave the victim excuse after excuse for a year as to why the driveway was never done. But Cohan's attorney says his client did some repair work at the woman's home.

Cohan was arrested today and charged with grand larceny. Prosecutors say he was also arrested in June for not completing a driveway repair at the Seaford home of two elderly twins. They allegedly gave Cohan $118,000.

Cohan was freed today on $2,500 cash bail and is due back in court July 11.