UNIONDALE - Residents in Uniondale say an area of their hamlet was redesignated without their knowledge.

According to the 2010 Federal Census, residents of the hamlet technically live in East Garden City. The area consists of 3 square miles and includes prime real estate like the Nassau Coliseum, Museum Row and The Avalon apartment complex.

Uniondale resident Jeannine Maynard is part of the Greater Uniondale Area Action Coalition. She says the name change is a power grab by developers to take economic resources away from the Uniondale community.

Uniondale Coalition members fear that within the next 10 years, East Garden City will incorporate and create their own school district. The Town of Hempstead says it has no jurisdiction over the federal designation and can only ask the census bureau to consider Uniondale residents' concerns.

News 12 Long Island contacted the Federal Census Bureau Tuesday to find out how and why this area in Uniondale was redesignated, and is waiting for a response.