UNIONDALE - The Uniondale community is on edge in the wake of the armed home invasion that resulted in the death of a Hofstra University student on Friday.

Residents in the area surrounding the university tell News 12 Long Island that crime and violence are all too common. Students and homeowners are demanding that something be done to improve safety.

"It's getting to the point where you're afraid to walk out of your home," says Barbara Borum, a member of Uniondale's Nostrand Garden Community Civic Association. "There is a very big problem and we're trying to figure out, along with Hofstra, how to deal with it."

According to police, the neighborhood has had more than its share of 911 calls over the past few months. "There were two or three similar types [of incidents] recently," says Nassau County Homicide Squad Lt. John Azzata. "We've had the robbery squad go out and investigate those. We can find no connection to this specific crime."

Students who spoke to News 12 Long Island say the problem can be fixed with more police patrols. Some homeowners say that local students need to take a more active role in promoting safety as well.