NORTH MERRICK - A probation officers' union is alleging that a suspect connected to the North Merrick school crash should have been imprisoned prior to the incident. CSEA President Jerry Laricchiuta says a probation officer allegedly tried to have Edwin Flores, 20, jailed six times prior to the carjacking that led to the crash. However, she needed her supervisor's signature, and union officials say she never received it. According to police, Flores was an accomplice to Remick Menjivar, who slammed into a car full of police officers and then into Fayette Elementary School on March 20. Laricchiuta says supervisors at the Nassau County Probation Department routinely stop people on probation from being re-arrested after violating the terms of their release. The district attorney's office has confirmed they are investigating probation allegations.Alleged driver in carjacking, police pursuit denied bail