LONDON - Security is stepped up this morning in New York and around the world after a shocking act of violence in London.

A British soldier is dead after being attacked with a meat cleaver in broad daylight. And now officials are saying that the suspects had been investigated before.

British officials are calling the attack an act of terror and are investigating to see if the deadly attack was motivated by radical Islam.

The most shocking part of all of it is the video of the suspect, right after it happened. Officials say in the video, the suspect had blood covering his hands, still holding the knife police say he used to murder the soldier.

According to officials, the video of the London attack suspect was taken after he hit a man with a car and then hacked him to death with a machete. Officials say the victim lay bleeding in the road behind him, when the suspect walked up to someone filming the scene and said this, "An eye for an eye a tooth for a tooth. We apologize that women had to see this today, but in our lands our women have to see the same.”

British investigators are trying to determine whether the two suspects involved were part of a wider plot to bring terror to the streets of London. Meanwhile, it has been revealed that both men involved in the incident had been targets of previous security investigations for possible terror links.

The two suspects involved were wounded during a shootout with police. Witnesses say after the attack the second suspect went over to a bus, and asked people to take pictures of him. Right now there's little information about the victim.

British Prime Minister David Cameron said there are strong indications it was an act of terrorism, possibly motivated by radical Islam. The attack in broad daylight is leaving the people who live in the area not knowing what could happen next.

Cameron said this morning that there is "nothing in Islam" that justifies the killing of a British soldier. He adds that the "fault lies solely with the sickening individuals who carried out this attack."

On Twitter, Cameron wrote, "the people who did this were trying to divide us but they will only bring us together."