MONTAUK - East End taxi companies say Uber drivers are illegally stealing their business.

Any taxi company operating in the town of East Hampton has to meet town license requirements and codes. Local cab companies say that costs them thousands of dollars each year, and it's something right now that Uber doesn't pay. 

"It's a flood of Uber cabs running illegally," says Paul Acevedo, of Montauk's Best Taxi. "They don't have town permits - they're not even allowed to be here. They drop off and they stay and take all of our business."

East Hampton Town Supervisor Larry Cantwell says police and code enforcers will be out ticketing the Uber drivers. One Uber driver who News 12 Long Island scheduled a ride from said the company is telling drivers to not worry about any fines.

"Whatever ticket we get, Uber pays the expenses so it's like you get a ticket, they will pay for it," said driver Francis Azugo.

A fine from East Hampton can range from $200 to more than $1,000.