LONG BEACH - The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) is back-peddling on its claims that all proper procedures were followed back in November when three elderly women complained they had been inappropriately strip-searched at John F. Kennedy International Airport, but the apology isn?t good enough for one of the victim?s sons. The Department of Homeland Security sent letters on behalf of the TSA to advocates for the women, two of whom are Long Island natives. While the letter claims that the women weren't made to remove any clothing, it apologizes for the employee's actions. Bob Sherman, of Plainview, described what his 89-year-old mother endured at the hands of TSA agents at JFK. Bob says his mom, Ruth Sherman, wears a colostomy bag and says the agents humiliated her. "It took them from November until January to realize, oops, it says here we should have done it differently?" Sherman says. Sherman says the letter is too little, too late, and he says he thinks it's insincere.Officials call for advocate after alleged strip-searches at JFKThird woman claims she was strip-searched at JFK