QUEENS - Opening statements were made today in the trial of a man accused of framing his ex-girlfriend for a string of crimes in an effort to silence her.

Prosecutors say Jerry Ramrattan came up with a scheme to send Seemona Sumasar to prison in an effort to keep her from testifying in her rape case against him.

Sumasar spent nearly seven months behind bars for crimes she didn't commit. She was arrested and about to go on trial for allegedly posing as a police officer, pulling people over and robbing them at gunpoint.

Today in court, Ramrattan was described by the prosecution as a puppet master who offered thousands of dollars in cash and electronics to three separate people to help him frame Sumasar.

Prosecutors say Ramrattan planned every detail of the elaborate plot, coached witnesses and even planted evidence.

However, Ramrattan's attorney, Frank Kelly, says the allegations are preposterous.

The three people who were allegedly recruited by Ramrattan to frame Sumasar are expected to testify in court. For previous News 12 Long Island coverage of the Seemona Sumasar/Jerry Ramrattan case, go to your digital cable box and select iO Extra on Ch. 612.

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