STONY BROOK - Some Stony Brook residents have been fighting to get their streets repaved, but they say the Town of Brookhaven will need to cut down about 100 trees to do so.

The maple and sycamore trees can be found on Moss Hill Place and Mystic Way. A couple days ago, neighbors say they woke to find fluorescent marks on the trees, denoting they were set for removal.

Brookhaven Highway Superintendent Dan Losquadro says the trees' roots have lifted and pushed away the curb. He adds that he wants to repave the streets for the long term.

"I have a $100 million backlog of work that I need to get done," Losquadro says. "The only way I will ever catch up on that is by doing roads properly and getting the maximum 20 to 25 years life expectancy out of them."

The repaving is slated to begin in a few months, and the whole project is expected to take several months.