LONG BEACH - A Long Beach father says a crop of young trees planted along the roads of Long Beach after Superstorm Sandy are hindering drivers’ views of stop signs around the city.

Jeff Kupferman says his son was in an accident on Aug. 10 at Monroe Boulevard and Beech Street. His son, Michael, had left the family's home around five minutes before he called his parents to say a driver blew a stop sign, hit his car and flipped over.

The victim’s father says police told him the other driver admitted to running the stop sign. 

Kupferman says his son was OK after the accident. But when he checked the scene of the crash, he says he noticed that trees along the sidewalk were obscuring the intersection's stop sign

"Most local people in Long Beach know there are stop signs all over the place, but out-of-towners are not aware of that," Kupferman says.

After the accident, Kupferman says he drove around the area to check out other stop signs.

"What I saw was that there are a great many intersections that are partially blocked or fully obstructed by many of the trees that were planted post-Sandy," he says.

Kupferman says he has public safety concerns about the trees, so he went to the City Council earlier this month to raise awareness about the issue.

In a statement, the city of Long Beach says it is looking into the situation.

The trees were planted as part of a restoration project following Superstorm Sandy. They were originally smaller and less obstructive, Kupferman says.