LONG BEACH - Long Beach residents who lost their homes to Sandy may get hit again, this time with the cost of cleaning up contaminated storm debris.

Piles of trash line some streets in Long Beach, and residents say nothing is being done to clean up the mess. But city officials say their Dec. 1 deadline for pickup of Sandy-related debris has come and gone.

Boyd Street residents say their debris hasn't been picked up. They say their street was under construction, and they did not have access to their homes to remove debris by Dec. 1.

City spokesman Gordon Tepper says residents received numerous notifications and were given six weeks to get their debris out on the street. When questioned specifically about Boyd Street and residents' complaints, News 12 was told that residents were properly informed, and construction did not hamper their efforts to remove debris.

Long Beach officials called News 12 Long Island shortly thereafter and said the city has every intention of removing debris from Boyd Street within a week.