WOODBURY - As Nassau police crack down on prostitution, some wonder what drives a person to sell themselves in the first place.

News 12 Long Island's Erin Colton spoke to Tracy, a 30-year-old Florida woman living on Long Island, who admits she was a prostitute for years.

Tracy, who asked that News 12 conceal her identity, says she was doing well at a government social services job when her marriage fell apart and she began doing cocaine. She says she started to prostitute herself to fuel her drug habit and forget about life at home.

The former prostitute says she works as an escort now. She says she left prostitution because she has seen many women abused by clients and their own pimps.

“If the police really want to crack down [on prostitution], I think they need to look deeper into it and try to find ways to get people off of drugs," Tracy says.

In three months, the Nassau County Narcotics/Vice Squad has more than tripled the amount of prostitution arrests that they made all of last year.