Massage parlors that offer more than backrubs. Trysts arranged online instead of on the street. Cops say it’s all part of the sex-for-sale scene on Long Island. News 12 Long Island's Erin Colton rides undercover with the Nassau County PD Vice Squad to see how it's dealing with the world’s oldest profession.

Series at a glance:

Part I -- Tuesday, April 16 -- The Sting

When it comes to busting a prostitution ring, communication, timing and tactics are what it’s all about.

Part II -- Wednesday, April 17 -- The “New” Street Corner

Websites like and have made it easier then ever for people to shop for sex--and given cops a new way to find their targets.

Part III -- Thursday, April 18 -- Out of Control

She was a prostitute for years. Now—in an exclusive interview with News 12’s Erin Colton---she opens up on what led her into the dark world of sex for sale.