MELVILLE - Environmental advocates are calling for stricter state regulations when it comes to tracking hazardous materials, a day after Suffolk prosecutors announced toxic findings at a Melville park.

After soil testing, Suffolk County District Attorney Tom Spota says hundreds of truckloads of construction debris containing pesticides and carcinogens were illegally dumped in West Hills County Park for nearly 10 months.

Residents say they are concerned with their health being at risk as well as their children's and animals. Environmentalists say stricter regulations and more staff at the Department of Environmental Conservation can help fight illegal dumping.

Lawmakers are also questioning the issue.

"This boggles my mind," says state Sen. Carl Marcellino. "Truckloads were allowed in, and no one complained, and no one called? No one said, 'Who are these people?' And stopped them or got a license plate or the name on the side of the truck?"