Arkville, N.Y. - Since last week's storm, Long Island's hardest hit areas have largely recovered from flooding, but up in the Catskills, some communities have been wiped out by the raging waters. Irene turned rivers in upstate New York into violent floodwaters filled with debris. Last Sunday, water knocked out a 60-foot bridge in the Town of Arkville, leaving residents who live on the other side stranded. Joe Stekettee moved to Arkville from Kings Park a few years ago. He says his relatives, all of whom are former Long Islanders, are now stuck.For days, he's been sending them food and medicine on a makeshift clothesline.Most of the flooding came from the east branch of the Delaware River. As a result, one woman was killed and dozens of people lost their homes. Delaware County 911 Coordinator Steve Finch says much of the area is under an indefinite state of emergency.Local residents like Stekettee say their goal is now to rebuild.