MEDFORD - The Town of Brookhaven is voicing concerns to the Suffolk OTB about a controversial plan to build a video lottery terminal in Medford.

Brookhaven town officials wrote a three-page letter on the potential impacts of the controversial plan to build a casino on the south service road between Route 112 and Horseblock Road.

The letter talks about potential problems with traffic, sewage and drainage.

The town's planning commissioner wrote that the project would create "a greater demand for policing, fire and emergency services." The commissioner also says there could also be potential problems with the height of the proposed building and the design of the signs.

"The building was originally 52 feet tall, but now it's shorter," responds Suffolk OTB Vice President Anthony Pancella. "And what about the signs? I'm sure we can go over the sign design to make them acceptable."

Some residents and civic leaders say it doesn't matter what changes are made. They don't want the casino and they blame the town for not doing enough to stop the project.

"They've alienated so many people in these communities by refusing to stand up for their own codes and their own citizens," says civic leader MaryAnn Johnston.