BRENTWOOD - The town of Islip singled out a Ronkonkoma company as the party allegedly responsible for illegally dumping contaminants at a park.

Islip officials named Daytree at Cortland Square, owned by Clara and Thomas Datre, as a "responsible party" in letters to insurance companies. The town attorney says that the letters were sent in April as a precautionary measure being taken to reserve the town's right to take legal action later.

"In this case, it's not that we made a final determination," the town attorney added.

An attorney for the Datres fired back, saying they are being "intentionally defamed" because they have been political donors in Islip. The attorney says he has attempted to clear it up with the town, but hasn't gotten anywhere.

"If you have one shred of evidence indicating in any way, shape or form that Daytree at Cortland Square or its principals were involved in dumping at the park, show me, show me," said the couple's lawyer. "They won't even call me back because there is no evidence, period."

The Datres have previously denied any involvement in the dumping of illegal materials at a Brentwood park. Their attorney says his clients will now sue the town of Islip and the deputy town attorney for defamation in a suit that seeks $50 million in damages.