LEVITTOWN - Town of Hempstead residents who don't want salesmen or other solicitors ringing their doorbells can now sign up for the town's new "Do Not Knock" program.

Hempstead is offering free "Do Not Knock" door decals for residents who don't want to be pestered by peddlers. Town officials also want to double the fines for solicitors who ignore the sign and knock anyway, from $500 to $1,000.

"There is a reasonable expectation of privacy and peace in one's home," said Supervisor Kate Murray of the new program.

A television ad will be broadcast and fliers are being sent out to residents to raise awareness about the decal program, which is similar to one already in place in the town of Oyster Bay.

As News 12 reported last month, Wantagh resident Jenna Stack created an online petition urging the town to adopt the decals. Today, she gave the town's announcement a thumbs up. "It is good for the community," she said. "It makes you feel a little bit safer.”