HEMPSTEAD - The head of the embattled Town of Hempstead Animal Shelter has been reassigned following a disturbing video that was posted on the Internet.

The video posted on YouTube yesterday was allegedly taken inside the Town of Hempstead Town Animal Shelter more than a decade ago.In the video, a woman can be heard saying off-camera, "Kill the kitty, kill the kitty."

A former volunteer who says she was banned from the shelter after making allegations of animal abuse insists the woman's voice heard in the video is Patricia Horan, a shelter supervisor at the time and up until this morning, the shelter's acting director.

Town spokesman Mike Deery says Horan emphatically denies that she is the one heard on the video.

Community activist Derek Donnelly says whether Horan made those comments or not isn't the only issue. He says even if she didn?t make the comments, Horan was responsible for the person who did.

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