CORAM - The Town of Brookhaven is getting good reviews from its residents on cleanup following the blizzard-like storm that dumped about a foot of snow on the area.

The town said it was intent on making sure its residents were not buried by unplowed streets as they were days after the big February blizzard last year.

Officials say up to 13 inches of snow fell in some areas during the storm.

Highway Superintendent Dan Losquadro said the Town of Brookhaven implemented a new technology system. From the command center, officials can now pinpoint problem areas, and when residents call in a problem, it's uploaded into the system within seconds.

In addition, officials say a new live camera gives a real-time look at the busiest intersections, and which need more plowing.

News 12 cameras found a couple of streets that seemed to have been unplowed today, but Losquadro said that the wind-driven snow covered streets that had already been hit by plows.

Most residents say the town's efforts were a major improvement over last year's snowy debacle.