BROOKHAVEN - The Town of Brookhaven has spent many months and millions of dollars to be better prepared for winter, and with a couple inches of snow expected to fall on Long Island Tuesday, those efforts will be put to the test.

Crews spent the day Monday pouring salt and sand into trucks and making sure they're ready for the snow that’s due to start falling by late Tuesday morning.

Highway Superintendent Dan Losquadro says the department has spent about $2 million on new equipment, including plows and better communication systems.

The changes came after the department's dismal response to a blizzard last February that saw snow-buried roads go untouched for days.

Cleo and Shawn Watson, of Coram, number among the many Town of Brookhaven residents who were snowed in for days during that storm. They say that they're ready for winter's worst, but add that they hope the town is, too. "I don’t want another episode of last year," says Shawn Watson.