WOODBURY - The FAA says pilots in three different passenger planes reported seeing drones while approaching at JFK International Airport over the weekend.

For enthusiasts, unmanned aerial vehicles can be a fun way to capture photographs from high in the air. But for pilots attempting to land at major airports, drones are quickly becoming a major concern.

It's against the law to fly drones above 400 feet or anywhere near airports, but experts say there is little enforcement. Some airline passengers who spoke with News 12 say that has to change.

Sen. Charles Schumer says an "elegant solution" would be a technological fix called geofencing. "You can build into the software of a drone at nominal cost a program that doesn't let them fly in certain places," the senator says.

Major drone makers like DJI are starting to add the geofencing software to drones. But Schumer is urging the FAA to require all drones to have the software.