Recipes for toothpaste and mouthwash from Dr. Olga Isaeva from Nature's Dental.

Recipe for toothpaste:

1 - Take a mason or other glass jar with a plastic not metal lid;

2 - Fill one fifth with calcium bentonite clay (available on the internet);

3 - Add four to five drops of your favorite pure essential oil - such as Young Living or Doterra brands. Make sure your choice of essential oil is safe to eat. Dr. Olga Isaeva recommends peppermint and citrus oils;

4 - If you like you can also add stevia, a natural sweetener which is not harmful to teeth and comes in many flavors including chocolate;

5 - Fill the bottle with purified water and shake well.

Recipe for mouthwash:

1 - Almost fill a glass bottle with water.

2 - Add about a fifth of liquid chlorophyll;

3 - Add four of five drops of a mint or other refreshing essential oil for flavor and it's antibacterial properties. Make sure your essential oil is edible;

4 - Add about one fifth living bentonite.