GILGO BEACH -  Today marks two years since police discovered the first victim of the Gilgo Beach killings and the serial killer is still on the loose.

Families of the victims say they are frustrated that there has been no arrest.

Exactly two years ago, police were searching for New Jersey prostitute Shannan Gilbert but found the remains of a Bronx prostitute.

The cause of Gilbert's death is still considered "inconclusive." Police believe she drowned and was not a victim of a serial killer. But Gilbert's family remains unconvinced.  

Last week, it briefly seemed there could be a new lead in the case after the arrest of a Westchester man who is believed to have murdered multiple women. But Suffolk County police quickly said they don't believe he's the Gilgo killer.
Suffolk police declined to speak on-camera with News 12 Long Island on the anniversary of the grisly discoveries. The department says it won't comment further on the case unless there is additional information that "serves the public by its release."
Some of the victims' families are planning to hold a memorial Saturday afternoon in Oak Beach.