HEMPSTEAD - Recent tire thefts have a Hempstead community on edge.

A Hempstead family called police Wednesday morning after thieves left their car on bricks on Martin Avenue. They say the theft occurred overnight.

Another car owner had his tires stolen off his Honda Accord last week while it was parked in his driveway on Edgewood Court. The owner thinks the thieves must work in the auto industry since the wheels had locks installed and a car alarm set.

A police captain in Linden, N.J. blamed a spike in tire thefts in his area on the recent demand for tires created by destructive potholes. Nassau and Suffolk police departments have not confirmed any link.

Nassau officials say they have not seen a spike in tire thefts countywide.

Hempstead Village Mayor Wayne Hall says the police department will continue to conduct patrols in an effort to catch the crooks.