LINDENHURST - Thousands of runners came out for the 4th annual Run for the Warriors in Lindenhurst today.

The run raises money to help support disabled veterans returning from the battlefield.

Those participating had many reasons to run, from just wanting to support the veterans to honoring someone injured or killed in war.

For Connor Caffey, 18, who wants to join the Marines, he says he ran the race for his brother.

"[I] do it for my brother Mike who was injured four years ago," he says. "He was hit with an [improvised explosive device] so he's one of the reasons I run this race."

"The great thing is it's a great opportunity for us to let the community know what we are able to do for our service members who are returning home the families and the families of the fallen," says Hope for the Warriors Executive Vice President Tina Atherall.

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