BRENTWOOD - The controversial Common Core exams will be administered to children across the state starting Tuesday, but thousands of parents are expected to have their children "opt out," and in many cases, with their teachers' blessing.

Parents and educators across the state have been vocal in their opposition to the curriculum, arguing that the tests are unfair and do little more than cause their children anxiety. According to local union leaders, more parents have been joining the movement as the testing draws near.

The English language arts exams begin tomorrow, and math exams will be given next week.

Last week, the New York State United Teachers group urged parents to refuse the tests. At South Middle School in Brentwood, officials say more than half of the students have opted out of this month's testing.

Teachers' unions have been battling Gov. Andrew Cuomo's education reform measures, including one that calls for 50 percent of a teacher's evaluation to be based on student test scores.

News 12 Long Island reached out to Gov. Cuomo's office for comment, but has not heard back.