WOODBURY - Officials say three Suffolk County residents are accused of selling untraceable military grade guns, known as ghost guns.

Thomas Weber, Antonio Himonitis and Diana Collins were arrested last night as part of "Operation Ghostbusters."

Officials say Himonitis and Collins ordered legal gun parts online and then assembled them. Investigators say the two churned out illegal assault weapons without required serial numbers.

"Ghost guns are the next frontier for firearms trafficking," says Attorney General Eric Schneiderman.

The attorney general says Himonitis met with undercover investigators several times at the Hollywood Motel in Farmingdale and then allegedly sold those investigators a dozen fully functioning semi-automatic ghost guns. Officials say undercover agents told Himonitis that the guns they were buying from him were going to be resold to drug dealers in Colombia and Mexico.

"The guns were sold for more than $3,000, which is far and above the price for an assault rifle," says Schneiderman.

Weber is also accused of trying to sell the guns to undercover cops.

All three face up to 25 years in prison if convicted.