CENTER MORICHES - A Center Moriches man says he was wrongly arrested after he recorded Suffolk County police officers subduing three people in May 2014.

Thomas DeMint, 20, used his cellphone to record an encounter between 7th Precinct officers and his neighbors - two brothers and their mother.

The video appears to show the mother slammed roughly to the ground by an officer as her sons struggle nearby.

DeMint says he was walking away afterward and was tackled from behind and arrested. He accuses the arresting officer of trying to erase the video from his phone. DeMint was charged with resisting arrest and obstruction of justice.

About two weeks after he recorded the cellphone video, DeMint was stopped and arrested again.

"They said it was because I went through a stop sign, but immediately the focus was on having my phone," DeMint told News 12.

DeMint says he didn't come forward with this video sooner because he was afraid.

"I feel like I have to walk on eggshells because they're going to be upset or threatened by the video," he says.

The family seen in the cellphone video did not want to speak with News 12 about the incident. They pleaded guilty to disorderly conduct, according to DeMint's attorney.

The Suffolk County Police Department would not comment on either the incident in the video or DeMint's arrest. His criminal case is still pending.