WOODBURY - Michael Balboni, who served as a state Senator and Secretary of New York's Homeland Security says we have been reactive when it comes to natural disasters, instead of proactive.

"The ability to prepare for The Next One every time gets put back on the shelf, and that's what we've seen time and time again," said Balboni.

He adds that we can no longer leave our South Shore vulnerable for The Next One, but says that some residents just don't care.

Oceanographer professor Malcolm Bonner says that that some sacrifices need to be made by South Shore residents.

"The burms on the South Shore beaches of Long Island have to build up, and maybe they need to be built up so people lose the view," he says. "But people have to decide if they want security or do they want the view.

One social media poster named Arthur said "Logic says if it happened once, it will again. Time to build inland and give up on the fantasy of living by the ocean."