JERICHO - The superintendent of Cantiague Elementary School in Jericho told parents Monday that the latest tests on school soil came up negative for hazardous materials found at another site nearby.

As News 12 previously reported, the state's Department of Environmental Conservation found contamination from two industrial solvents at a 3.8-acre site on Cantiague Rock Road. Both of the contaminants are listed by the Environmental Protection Agency as known carcinogens.

"The school grounds, the school building, the basement in the school is all within safe limits for our kids," Superintendent Hank Grishman said Monday.

A toxic plume still exists on the original site, which is now occupied by Rubie's Costume Company, but the DEC says the cleanup process is already underway.

The DEC's Bill Fonda says cleaning crews have already removed 92 tons of contaminated soil and extracted around 27,000 pounds of contaminated vapors.

The DEC says it will release additional plans for remediation at the site by next month, but there's not yet a timetable for when the cleanup will end.