INWOOD - Tenants at an Inwood apartment complex say their cable and electricity switch on and off all day long due to a renovation project conducted by the property owner.

A maze of live wires dangle along the sides and on the grounds of 385 Bayview Ave. where Chante Pharr lives with her three children.

Pharr says the property owner began renovations to the building even though the Town of Hempstead put a stop work order sign on one of the buildings.

The tenant says workers began ripping out the wires to put up new siding in early June, turning the grounds into a minefield of live wires and gaping holes.

A spokesperson for the Town of Hempstead says the property owner was issued a permit Wednesday to begin renovations. Tenants say the property owner started the construction more than a month ago without the permit.

Pharr says she's called on the Town of Hempstead for help, but keeps getting the run-around. The contractors on site did not have any answers for News 12 about the electricity problems.

A spokesperson for the town of Hempstead says they have not received any complaints from tenants of Bayview. News 12 was unable to locate the property owner for comment.